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About APRC

APRC is a unique, modern and newly developed state of art facility first of its kind in lahore, Pakistan.


Find out our state-of-the-art services Available at APRC for our valuable clients.


Our facility is fully equipped with latest physiotherapy modalities like Shock-wave, Short-wave, Ultrasound, Cryo-unit, Laser and TENS.


Get your life style back Relief today and get healthy living.Visit our physiotherapy center APRC.

Why Choose Acti-Life Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Center (APRC)


At APRC we provide unique, modern and newly developed state of art facility first of its kind in lahore, Pakistan. We ensure evidence-based treatments with state of the art equipment to help our clients to achieve optimal physical health and performance. We have an in-house tram of young and energetic male and female physical therapists from Pakistan. Together, APRC carries the right professional experiences and qualifications to ensure your health is always in expert hands. Our experienced physical therapists work closely with Physicians and Orthopedic surgeons to provide effective physical therapy.




physiotherapy starts with a comprehensive assessment of functional limitations and areas of pain. Our team of physiotherapy specialists will help.

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Post-Operative Rehabilitation

At APRC, our expert physiotherapists provide this valuable rehabilitation to all of our patients.

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Sports Physiotherapy

APRC is specialize clinic in pakistan in the treatment of all sports injuries. Our physiotherapists have a special interest in sports physiotherapy.

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Shock Wave Therapy

This technology reduces or eliminates many (chronic) painful conditions such as shoulder- knee- or heel pain. Radial Shockwave Therapy is fast and safe.

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Women’s Health

At APRC we help you with your problems and fears in a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere. Wether it’s the Icontinence / Pelvic floor disorders.

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Work Related Injuries

Our physiotherapists at APRC are qualified in evaluating and treating work cover patients and business related wounds.They are talented.

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Sports Injuries

APRC is specialize clinic in pakistan in the treatment of all sports injuries. Our physiotherapists have a special interest in sports physiotherapy.

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Fitting of Braces & Walking Aids

We offer a range of braces that suit post operative or post injury requirements, as well as braces for physical activity.

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Dry Needling

Dry Needling is a very effective treatment option in the management of the myofasical pain syndrome, MPS. The hallmarks of the MPS are trigger points.

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home care
Home Care Physiotherapy

APRC is also providing Physiotherapy care to clients in their home. We cater for those people who find it difficult to attend a Physiotherapy practice.

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Horizon Hospital is a private hospital dedicated to ethically providing the latest healthcare services in a fiscally responsible manner to the patients and community which it serves.

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What Clients and other Professionals say About Us

I had pain in my leg due to back problem. Dr. Ahsan Shamim at Horizon Hospital advised physiotherapy for one month. I received pysiotherapy from Dr.Asma at Horizon Hospital which was very helpful. My pain subsided within 15 days and was completely gone in one month.


Parveen Shakut

Dr. Ahsan Shamim is a genius n his diagnostic ability is superb ,I m proud of him and the other orthopedics could not diagnose a simple planter fasciitis .The whole administration is perfect n i have been to many hospitals in USA but Horizon hospital even is superior to theirs hospitals.


Mehreen Piracha

Being a competitive squash player had a minecstomy done by Dr Ahsan Shamim I must say what a humble and supportive person.The second phase was to get back to courts and resume my workout routine which was a uphill task especially with all negative thoughts if I'll be able to get back or not was a question haunting me. Dr irfan and his team came as a rescuer.


Ahsan Anjum

I had gone through ACL injury in squash and without sports I was finding myself incomplete and depressed. Surgery was the only option but I was afraid of it. Then I found Dr. Irfan and he prepared me gradually both mentally and physically for surgery by his amazing hard work on pre-surgical workouts with me.


Yasar Rashid

A well thought and well developed clinic considering each and every minor details to help the journey of rehabilitation for patients with musculoskeletal disorders, well done  great team.


Umer Sheikh PT (Extended scope practitioner- UK)

Physiotherapy team is very caring and energetic. I wish them all the best in their lives. I'm highly impressed by the humble Attitude of Dr. Irfan, Head of the Team


Iftikhar Hussain Ch

They are best in their field specially they treat you like they really mean specially mr irfan he is a gentleman with great knowledge and skills.


Mansoor Pasha

Professional, nice and caring! All my patients that have been to Irfan sb MashAllah have come back to me with a smile.

imran malik

Dr. Imran Malik (Orthopedic Surgeon)

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APRC at Horizon Hospital

Address: 403, 404, 436 Block D-II, M.A.Johar Town, Lahore

Phone No: +92-42-35401620-28

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