Home Care Physiotherapy


Home Care Physiotherapy Services

APRC is also  providing Physiotherapy care to clients in their home. We cater for those people who cannot or find it difficult to attend a Physiotherapy practice.

Our Physiotherapists are dedicated health professionals, committed to helping you achieve your functional goals, through an individualized treatment program based on your specific needs.

Our Physiotherapist will visit you in your home, and discuss with you your presenting problem, your general health, and your treatment goals before physically assessing the problem. Using this information, he or she will develop an individual Treatment Plan, and treatment usually starts on the first visit. With your permission the physiotherapist will liaise with other medical professionals that are treating you to ensure a multi-disciplinary approach to your care

we treat and rehab following conditions at home

. Neurological conditions  like a stroke , Parkinson’s  disease

. Arthritic complaints

. Recovery from acute injuries

. Post-operative rehabilitation and recovery following surgery

. Falls prevention

. Postural correction

. Walking assessments, gait correction and  prescription of walking aids

Home exercise programs


Seniors with mobility restrictions or limitations find benefit in this service since they difficulties leaving their homes. The home can also be assessed for hazards to prevent falls and decrease the risk of falls.

People with neurological injuries such as those related to stroke or multiple sclerosis, can have a physiotherapy treatment in a comfortable environment to help promote in-home independence.