Post-Operative Rehabilitation


Post Operative rehabilitation

If you’ve undergone surgery for an orthopaedic issue – even if the operation was years ago – you may have lingering pain, dysfunction, or other difficulties. These problems can limit your activities and keep you from realising your full physical potential. Fortunately, professional physiotherapy is an excellent way to address chronic pain and raise your quality of life.
Rehabilitation after a surgical procedure is a delicate process that requires training and experience. At APRC, our expert physiotherapists provide this valuable rehabilitation to all of our patients, no matter the nature of their orthopaedic surgery. For effective, caring post-surgical care in Singapore, APRC is the obvious choice.
We understand that you’re often feeling at your worst after a surgical procedure and want nothing more than to get better. This is why we employ many therapy techniques for post-surgical care, customised to your individual situation and needs. Our physiotherapists are gentle, caring, and committed to your rapid recovery. Our staff will constantly monitor your progress and work with you as partners in your rehabilitation. At APRC we’re with you every step of the way in your post-surgical care.